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Home anti-theft electric lock

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Home anti-theft electric lock

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Detailed introduction

Model: BHL-800JK

Name: Home anti-theft electric lock


Home anti-theft electric lock

Shape panel size: 275mmL*60mmW

Body size: 240mmL*91mmW*24mmH

Main material: stainless steel 304

★Electronic lock body DC12V power supply, regardless of positive and negative

★ DC12V power-on unlocking, power-off lock

★ unlocking blocking current ≤200mA, duration 0.3 seconds

★ unlocking holding current ≤ 5mA

★Uplifting the inner and outer handles can activate the anti-theft lock tongue

★Unlock the handle at any time

★With independent anti-lock function

★Applicable door thickness ≤60mm

★ Suitable for wooden doors and metal at home and office

★90° one-way opening

Note: The panel can be customized according to customer requirements.

Features: The main material is stainless steel 304, the handle is made of stainless steel 304 polished, the mechanical key can be unlocked to start the anti-theft lock tongue, the ultra-low power consumption, the lock tongue is made of solid core steel.

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