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Shenzhen Behost Electronics Co. Ltd

Contact: Miss Jiang, Miss Luo

Mobile: 13570895007

TEL: 0755-27376780 23729748


Email: Ld@behost.com.cn

Address: Building B, No. 4-2, Wanfeng Center Road, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Waterproof magnetic lock

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The main products of Shenzhen Binghong Electronics Co., Ltd. are magnetic lock series, electric plug-in lock series, electric lock series, electromagnetic door suction series, power controller series, exit switch series, single door control door guard series, line-passing protector series, fire emergency exit push-rod lock series and peripheral supporting equipment of entrance guard project. Model products. Mobile phone: 13570895007

Electronic lock manufacturers

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