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Always forget to bring the key, will not wear the wall? Then install the smart lock!

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Always forget to bring the key, will not wear the wall? Then install the smart lock!

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They all said that things are not the same, but they forgot to bring the key. Some people have not only met once, but may have to have at least three or four times a year. Sometimes, when I don’t lose the keys for a few months, I don’t forget to take the keys and feel that I am not normal. For example, sometimes you just come back for a short while, there is no need to bring a key, and there is no need to close the door, but there may be a gust of wind blowing the door, or someone else may be shut down with good intentions.

Obviously, it is because of kindness to help people close the door, but it hurts others to enter the door.


So, forget to bring the key, what should we do? Sit in the hallway and wait for your family to come back to open the door! Will a family of people return to China for a while? Or do you work alone and be a single dog? Shackle! You don't necessarily have tools, even if you have tools, you may be alarmed by your neighbors and be mistaken for a thief!

The helplessness of waiting for the family to go home to open the door in the corridor, only the experienced people know.


Therefore, many people forget to take the keys, or lose the keys, just like me, in addition to the help of the locksmith master, there is really no other better way. Because, he can't wear a wall through the door like a master in a martial arts novel. Therefore, every time I find a locksmith to help, several times a year, in a few years, the cost of unlocking and changing locks can basically buy a smart lock.

When you forget the key, you won't wear the wall, you won't shrink your bones, and you won't get flies. It's only a smart lock!


Therefore, since you can't be like a martial arts master, you can go to the ground or open the door with your bare hands; or you can go through the wall, shrink the bone into the door, or become a fly like Sun Wukong, and drill in the gap between the door and the window. There is only one way, and that is to change a smart lock.

If you often forget to bring your keys, just install a smart lock!


In fact, often forgetting to bring a key is a disease, and smart lock is the best medicine to cure this disease. Because the smart lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, mobile phone, password, credit card, etc., the key can be turned into history, and the pain of forgetting the key becomes a kind of memory, just like Alipay and WeChat let you forget the appearance of cash. Unless you lose yourself!

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