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Is the toothpick really a thief unlocking tool? Still install smart locks!

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Is the toothpick really a thief unlocking tool? Still install smart locks!

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A toothpick, do you think it can dry up? In the eyes of many people, there seems to be no use other than picking teeth. However, it became a "baby" in the eyes of the thief. The thief used it to walk the world and used it as an "accomplice" of theft.

Then someone may ask, a small toothpick, can the thief use it to dry up? For a skilled thief, a toothpick is a "master key" that can open the world lock, you do not believe? Let’s take a look at this news from the 6 am this morning:

According to Shandong Yantai’s "6:00 this morning" report, on January 16th, Ms. Wang of Yantai went home and found that all the items in the house were turned over, and then found that the gold and silver jewelry and other property in the house was stolen. After the incident, Ms. Wang immediately called the police.

After receiving the police, the police rushed to the scene and found that the security door and locks of Ms. Wang’s house did not find traces of vandalism, and had never lost the key before. The police judged this as a typical case of technical unlocking and theft. After more than a month of hard work, the police passed the on-site forensics, visited the platoon, and the Tianwang recourse. Finally, on March 13, Li Cheng and the "Little Fat" suspects were arrested and brought to justice.

According to reports, since October last year, two criminal suspects have purchased tools for crimes from the Internet, using techniques such as technology unlocking and car remote-shielded shielding devices, and more than 10 cases of theft, involving more than 50,000 yuan. Li Cheng and "Little Fat" sometimes use a simple tool such as a "toothpick" or a "convenience bag" to unlock the room for theft.

Although the report does not mention which level of locks are used by the stolen users, the analysis of the tools used should be a Class A or Class B lock with a lower security level. At present, the market is a super B-class or C-class lock produced by regular manufacturers. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to open by simple tools such as toothpicks and convenient bags.

Therefore, for home security, it is recommended that users upgrade their A-level and Class-B locks with lower anti-theft levels to C-class or Super-B locks, or switch to a very hot smart lock. Perhaps many people are still worried that the development of mechanical locks for thousands of years may not be able to prevent thieves. Has the smart lock developed for decades and is reliable?

In fact, with the maturity of technology, the stability and security of smart locks are comparable to mechanical locks, even better than mechanical locks. For example, at present, many smart locks have anti-smashing and anti-technical alarms; at the same time, users can view the real-time dynamics of smart locks through mobile phones; and many smart locks can be linked with smart cat eyes, and the status of the front door can be viewed through video; In addition, there are smart locks with cameras that can monitor everything outside the door...

Therefore, the security of the smart lock can still give users peace of mind. Although smart lock is a good thing, it belongs to smart products. It covers more than 20 fields and disciplines such as communication, Internet of Things, biometrics, machinery, electronics, materials, etc., so its price will not be too low, generally 3000. Yuan or so. Although there are some smart locks of five or six hundred yuan on the market, there is still a certain gap between the stability and safety of the mainstream smart locks on the market. Therefore, it is recommended to buy smart locks of well-known brands in the industry, and it is not cheap.

Nowadays, toothpicks can be unlocked, and you really need a smart lock to protect your home.

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