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Is the smart lock really more burglar than the traditional mechanical lock?

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Is the smart lock really more burglar than the traditional mechanical lock?

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For burglary, as long as you dare to start from the door, most of them are shackles. The Ministry of Public Security data survey analysis shows that as long as 2 minutes can not unlock, 90% of thieves will give up. Is it necessary to change the fingerprint lock for the security door? Let's discuss it and let the facts guide our direction.

Technology is arrogant, and theft is the first. Even if it is a password fingerprint lock, if the most basic anti-theft performance can not be guaranteed, then it is high-tech, and it must not be bought on the door of the last line of defense of the family and society.

There are three levels of mechanical anti-theft locks: A, B, and C. (The various types of lock cylinders have already appeared special technical unlocking schemes and simple violent unlocking tools. Because they need to carry the keys directly, they are “unsafe and inconvenient”. ), and the fingerprint anti-theft lock has only two grades A and B (also due to the problem of emergency lock cylinders falling into the embarrassing situation of "convenient and unsafe"). The fingerprint lock must be reserved for emergency unlocking to cope with possible technical failures. Commonly used is to use the key to unlock, it is this emergency unlocking method, which has become the biggest hidden danger of fingerprint anti-theft lock.

If the fingerprint anti-theft lock can only rely on fingerprints, then security is really great. Fingerprint recognition has evolved to be a living fingerprint. It is not possible to make fingerprints without intentionally copying fingerprints.

The fingerprint film that can open the fingerprint lock needs to be pressed for at least 3 minutes to be copied, and the method of taking the fingerprint from the wine glass and copying it in the movie is impossible.

The back door of the fingerprint lock is a real mechanical lock. No matter the fingerprint system is seamless, the back door can be directly ignored. If the manufacturer only has one A-level lock, then for a senior thief, it can be opened in tens of seconds or even ten seconds.

A fingerprint lock should be understood as a mechanical lock with a fingerprint unlock function instead of a fingerprint lock with a spare mechanical lock. No matter whether the fingerprint or password technology is blown up, as long as there is a loophole in the back door, its security performance is not much worse than the ordinary mechanical lock.

Relatively speaking, the technical requirements of the fingerprint password lock are lower than the mechanical lock. Therefore, it is better to refer to the specification of the mechanical lock on the lock body and the lock core. First, the good looks and the side values are put aside, and safety is the most important.

The purchase of the fingerprint lock must require the mechanical lock body and the lock cylinder C grade. It is best to issue the relevant inspection report, and the internal structure is fully displayed (at least the weak point is not exposed after the panel is removed), and the fingerprint lock is regarded as a mechanical lock. Pick the same.

The fingerprints of the elderly and children are not very clear and may affect optical recognition. Therefore, when there are elderly children, it is better to use semiconductor identification or other methods to open the door.

It is recommended that you choose the right lock according to your family's situation, not necessarily requiring too much functionality. Any system will have loopholes. The more features, the more vulnerabilities, and only the password function can be used (there are many such locks in Japan and South Korea). There is an old man at home who can't remember the password and can add a fingerprint recognition function.

The use of password fingerprint locks is mainly convenient, you can pick some good-looking brands, you can hold people, you don't have to buy imported, this thing is not a foreign moon, and now many domestic fingerprint locks are also good.

Of course, most of the conventional fingerprint locks are more suitable for use in public security and management areas (someone is observing), and what anti-theft measures are anti-gentlemen are not against villains, anyway, it is better than the neighbor's lock, the old community, the entrance Residential buildings on the street, it is best to use mechanical locks, mature C-class locks are relatively anti-theft, and the price is more affordable than fingerprint locks.

The mechanical lock is safer than the fingerprint lock. The premise is that the mechanical lock cylinder is made of hard material, and then it must be prevented from being broken. It is better to use the key to reverse one or two turns when exiting the door. Cat eyes, fast open lock body can not prevent the cat eye tool technology unlock.

It is recommended that you can understand the new invisible smart lock newly created by the latest invention patents (complete technical lock and simple violent damage to the lock cylinder), lock core invisible protection, built-in clutch device, anti-cat eye and pet unlocking mechanism, mechanical emergency Fast escape function, full-featured intelligent control solution, a variety of configurations, there must be a suitable for your needs.

With the development of the domestic economy, the demand for living standards and quality of life for Chinese people has increased, and the demand for various smart locks represented by fingerprint locks has become increasingly prominent. Because of its convenient application experience, it quickly entered hundreds of millions of families. Choosing the smart lock that suits your environment and requirements has become a priority for the public to understand!

The alarm bell is long! In particular, smart locks for security doors should be safer for the first time to protect home security. Install a reliable anti-theft guardrail, install anti-climbing thorns, and change the security door lock! Wenjia brand patent cat eye protector, the lock core can not be burglarproof, this is the common sense in the lock industry, and the level of the lock core has nothing to do with the lock tool in front of it. Stabilizing the national invention patent, the lock core will be invisible, the lock core will not be touched, and the safety will be greatly improved. Anti-theft is not a simple matter of changing a high-grade lock cylinder. It is the key to fully prevent proper locking of the door!

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