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Why are smart locks more and more popular?

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Why are smart locks more and more popular?

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Nowadays, the word "smart" has penetrated into everyone's life, such as smart phones, smart homes, smart cars and so on. Now, smart locks are gradually coming into the homes of ordinary people!

Recognized by users and the market, the era of smart locks replacing mechanical locks is coming. So what should a good smart lock look like?

Why intelligent products are popular with people, mainly because the more people evolve, the more lazy they are. They should have done what they should do, but they have to let computers, robots, etc. do it for themselves.

Because people are getting lazy, humans have invented a variety of intelligent things, and it is necessary to use these things simply and conveniently.

Therefore, a good smart lock must be a simpler and more convenient lock than a traditional mechanical lock.

At present, the smart lock has solved the drawbacks of mechanical latching, which often forgets to bring the key, lose the key, and open the inconvenience, and is more convenient to use.

Now, only those smart locks that are more convenient and convenient to use can get more consumers' hearts!

No matter what era the lock is, its most basic task is to look after the home. In the era of smart locks, security is also the biggest need for locks.

Therefore, smart locks not only provide users with a simple and convenient experience, but also let smart locks review the essence of locks, that is, it is important to put security first.

In the era of mechanical locks, the biggest criticism of locks is that the owner does not know when the thief entered the room through violence, technology and other means.

In the era of smart locks, as long as there is a key to the opposite sex, the unlocking tool enters the lock, or is violently opened, the smart lock will automatically warn the criminals and pass the alarm to the owner's mobile phone.

At the same time, smart locks also have functions such as remote monitoring and remote call-out. Once criminals try to commit crimes, they can not only take photos and video to retain evidence, but also shock the criminals through remote calls and kill the theft in the bud.

The biggest feature of intelligence is human-computer interaction. As a product of the intelligent era, smart locks can of course not have the function of human-computer interaction.

In other words, the smart lock can no longer be as cold as a mechanical lock, and it should be emotionally close to the user.

For example, the smart lock has a weather forecast function, which reminds the user of what kind of clothes to wear when the user goes out, whether it is necessary to bring an umbrella, whether it is suitable for car washing, and the like.

Another example is when parents, lover, and children go out when they are not at home, when they go home, they can receive information and give their families more care.

Smart locks are a part of smart homes, and it is the essence of bringing more humanized experiences to people.

Conclusion: In summary, a good smart lock should be a convenient, safe, user-friendly lock. Is your smart lock qualified?

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