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Double door magnetic lock

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Double door magnetic lock

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Detailed introduction

Product No :BHL-1502

Product specifications are as follows:

Double door magnetic lock body size: 330mm long X38.5mm wide X21.5mm high

Iron block size: 135mm long X32mm wide X8mm high *2pcs

Withstand tension: 150kg*2 (300Lbs*2) linear tension

Input voltage: DC12 or 24V ± 10%

Current consumption: 12V/360mA*2, 24V/180mA*2

Opening method: 90°

Optional accessories: BHB-110L BHB-110U

Adaptation range: lighter doors such as wooden doors, fire doors, metal doors, etc.

Professional device: built-in surge absorber

Safety type: power off unlock

Signal output: no signal output, no indicator light

Surface temperature: ambient temperature +20 ° C or less

Operating temperature: -40 to +60 ° C

Use humidity: 0-90% (relative air humidity)

Shell treatment: sandblasting anodizing plating treatment

Lock body treatment: fine grinding and environmental protection zinc

Iron block treatment: fine grinding and environmental protection zinc

Double door magnetic lock

Product weight: 2 kg / Note: In order to ensure the normal use of the lock 1, the installation should pay attention to the lock body and the iron block to be completely and smoothly connected; 2, the iron block needs a little active clearance; 3, the lock body, the iron block The suction surface must not be scratched, bruised or broken; 4. Pay attention to the ambient temperature and humidity used, and choose the appropriate lock; 5. It must use sufficient power supply and accurate wiring; 6. It must be maintained and maintained normally; 7. Please refer to the installation and operation manual carefully for other incomplete matters.

Product advantages: This product pulls the foot, wears, uses electromagnetic suction work, no mechanical failure, professional no residual magnetism, insulation design treatment, built-in reverse current protection device

Product Warranty: In the quality problem caused by non-human factors, our magnetic lock series products provide 19 months quality assurance service. The warranty period of electric lock, cathode lock and other accessory parts is 12 months, resulting in other conditions. Product damage, maintenance materials and other expenses are at the user's own expense;

Product Declaration: The company reserves the right to modify the model, specifications and parameters of this product without prior notice. The pictures and related contents of all products are not authorized by Binghong Electronics and may not be used in any other way. Thank you for your cooperation!

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