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270KG single door magnetic lock

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270KG single door magnetic lock

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  • Date of release:2018/08/10
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Detailed introduction

Product No :FSP-2001

Product specifications are as follows:

270KG single door magnetic lock body size: 250mm long X47mm wide X27mm high

Iron block size: 180mm long X38mm wide X12.7mm high

Withstand tension: 270kg (600Lbs) linear tension

Input voltage: DC12

Current consumption: 12V/480mA

Opening method: 90°

Optional accessories: wooden door fire door iron block with LZ bracket

           Up and down frameless glass door with frameless door clamp

           Under frameless glass door with U-shaped bracket

           L-shaped bracket with fixed lock body for narrow door frame

Adaptation range: glass door, wooden door, fire door, wrought iron door

Professional device: built-in surge absorber and reverse current protection device

Safety type: power off unlock

270KG single door magnetic lock

Signal output: FSP-2001 without LED indicator, stateless detection signal output

           FSP-2001S with LED indicator, with lock status detection signal output

           FSP-2001SLD with LED indicator, with door magnet and lock status detection signal output

Delay function: Customizable delay (0-10 seconds)

Surface temperature: ambient temperature +20 ° C or less

Operating temperature: -40 to +60 ° C

Use humidity: 0-90% (relative air humidity)

Shell treatment: aluminum tank, aluminum strip blasting anodizing plating treatment (or sand blasting oxidation)

Lock body treatment: fine grinding and environmental protection zinc

Iron block treatment: fine grinding and environmental protection zinc

Product weight: 2 kg / handle

Note: In order to ensure the normal use of the lock 1, pay attention to the lock body and the iron block to be completely and smoothly connected during installation; 2, the iron block needs a little active clearance; 3, the lock body, the iron block suction surface must not be scratched, Bruises, falls; 4, pay attention to the use of ambient temperature, humidity, choose the appropriate lock; 5, must use sufficient power supply, and accurate wiring; 6, usually must be maintained; 7, other incomplete matters please Carefully refer to the installation and operating instructions;

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