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Metal waterproof access control machine

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Metal waterproof access control machine

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  • Date of release:2018/08/10
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Detailed introduction


Function Description:

Metal waterproof access control machine Dimensions: 157mm long * 45mm wide * 23mm thick

Built-in ID (EM) card reader

Working voltage: DC12V or 24V

Standby power consumption: 0.08mA

Working current: 0.11mA

Output frequency: 125KHZ

Card reading distance: ≤5cm

Data storage: A zone capacity of 1000 ID cards and 1000 passwords

                 Zone B capacity 10 ID cards or 10 passwords

Open the door: 2-6 digits of password, or card reading, or password plus card

Mode of operation: numeric keypad

Unlock delay: 0-99 seconds

Dust rating: IP=65

Working environment: -20 ° C ∽ 50 ° C

Ambient humidity: ≤90%

Shell material: aluminum alloy

product weight:

Other functions of the product: 1, tamper alarm function; 2, watchdog and power-on reset function; 3, external unlock button function; 4, dual relay output; 5, detectable door status;

Installation note:

1. Use a professional tool to open the back cover of the access control machine;

2. Use the opening template attached to the product to place it in the required position and drill according to the illustration;

3. Fix the back cover with the screws attached to the product, and pull the lead wire out of the center outlet hole to ensure that the back cover is in a horizontal position;

4. Refer to the wiring diagram of the product manual to connect the access control, power supply, electric lock, button, etc.;

5. After ensuring the wiring is correct, put the door lock back to the back cover position and screw it tightly;

Metal waterproof access control machine

Product Warranty: In the quality problem caused by non-human factors, our magnetic lock series products provide 19 months quality assurance service. The warranty period of electric lock, cathode lock and other accessory parts is 12 months, resulting in other conditions. Product damage, maintenance materials and other expenses are at the user's own expense;

Product Declaration: The company reserves the right to modify the model, specifications and parameters of this product without prior notice. The pictures and related contents of all products are not authorized by Binghong Electronics and may not be used in any other way. Thank you for your cooperation!

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