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Network access controller

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Network access controller

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Detailed introduction

Product model: BHD-8015 BHD-8025 BHD-8045

Network Access Controller Product Name: Single-door two-way controller Two-door two-way controller Four-door two-way controller

Number of reader interfaces: 2 4 8

Door lock relay: 1 2 4

Number of management doors: 1 2 4

Chassis size: 331*242*70 mm

Control board size: 159*131mm 159*131mm 216*131mm

Voltage input: AC 220V

Voltage output: DC 12V 3A

Operating temperature: -25 ° C to 70 ° C

Operating humidity: 10%-90% RH, no condensation

Working voltage: DC12V

Board power consumption: ≤100mA ≤120mA ≤150mA

Data storage: 52,000 registration cards, 202,000 recording capacity

Data expansion: can be expanded to 104,000 registration cards, 404,000 recording capacity;

Power outage protection measures: massive high-speed flash memory design, power-off preservation for 10 years

Card reader interface protocol: international standard wiegand 26bit, 34bit communication protocol (software settable, default is 26bit)

Card reader communication distance: within 100 meters

Network access controller

Door lock control: Each group of relays adopt NC, COM, NO dry node control output, the maximum control voltage is 250V, and the maximum control current is 6A.

Communication method: RS485, TCP/IP, wireless communication

Communication rate: RS485 19200 baud rate, TCP/IP 10M/100M adaptive wireless 19200 baud rate

Maximum communication distance: RS485 communication 1200 meters TCP/IP communication depends on network coverage Wireless communication 2000 meters

Maximum number of networking: 255 RS485 communication / COM TCP / IP communication without restrictions Wireless communication 255 / transmitter

Product Warranty: In the quality problem caused by non-human factors, our magnetic lock series products provide 19 months quality assurance service. The warranty period of electric lock, cathode lock and other accessory parts is 12 months, resulting in other conditions. The product damage, maintenance materials and other expenses are at the user's own expense; the products pass the EU CE and China ROHS certification;

Product Declaration: The company reserves the right to modify the model, specifications and parameters of this product without prior notice. The pictures and related contents of all products are not authorized by Binghong Electronics and may not be used in any other way. Thank you for your cooperation.

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