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Low temperature magnetic electric lock

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Low temperature magnetic electric lock

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Detailed introduction

Product No :FSP-100C

Product Name: Low temperature multi-function electric lock

Body size: 200mm long X34mm wide X42mm high

Panel size: 200mm long X34mm wide X3mm thick

Cover: 210mm long X42mm wide X0.8mm thick

Magnet holder: 90mm long X24mm wide X2mm thick

Cylinder diameter: 15.5mm

Lock tongue length: 15.5 mm (pop-up)

Input voltage: DC12V

Starting current: 0.9A (starting moment)

Working current: 0.1A (fully locked)

Delay function: 0 seconds, 2.5 seconds, 5 seconds

Door opening method: 180°

Safety type: power off unlock

Low temperature magnetic electric lock

Optional accessories: upper and lower frameless glass door with door clamp FSP-22D

                  Frameless glass door with small door clamp FSP-20D or FSP-21D

Adaptation range: glass door, wooden door, fire door, metal door

Professional device: built-in surge absorber device

Signal output: FSP-100-1 without delay circuit

           FSP-100 three-wire with delay (purple to earth unlock function)

           FSP-100C+ six-wire with delay, with magnetic door function

           FSP-100C nine line with delay, with door magnetic, lock status detection

Cylinder strength: stainless steel Japanese brushed wire drawing, withstand 850kg lateral pressure

Lock body surface temperature: ambient temperature +10°

Door gap magnetic sense distance: 10mm

Operating ambient temperature: -40 to +55 ° C

Ambient humidity: 0 to 80% relative humidity

Electric lock durable design: professional electromagnetic material design, 800,000 durability

Panel material design: high-strength aluminum alloy, brush anodizing

Product weight: 1 kg / handle

Note: In order to ensure the normal use of the lock 1, pay attention to the lock body and the magnet seat to correct the hole position; 2, the gap between the lock body and the magnet seat should not be greater than 10mm; 3, the lock body, magnet seat must not be scratched, Bruises, falls; 4, pay attention to the use of ambient temperature, humidity, choose the appropriate lock; 5, must use sufficient power supply, and accurate wiring; 6, usually must be maintained; 7, other incomplete matters please Carefully refer to the installation and operating instructions;

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