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What life scenes can smart door locks achieve?

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What life scenes can smart door locks achieve?

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The intelligent door lock can be set to open the lock, and it is more convenient to take the express and go shopping.

After using the smart door lock, you don’t need to bring the key when you go out

Smart door lock can be remotely controlled via mobile APP

The smart home industry has been in full swing in recent years. However, for the mass consumer, most of the smart homes are still stuck in the level of “adding mobile phone control”.

Perhaps the popularity of smart homes has not yet been realized, but smart products that can really solve the pain points of life, such as smart door locks. The smart door lock opens the entrance to “future life”, and the price of one or two thousand yuan can bring great convenience to life.

Just like going out without a wallet, the key should be "retired".

Since the payment of Alipay and WeChat, Chinese people don’t have to bring a wallet even if they buy a pancake fruit by the road. Virtual payment brings great convenience to life, and smart door lock can also solve the trouble of going out.

Before going out to confirm whether the "key money" is complete, forgetting to bring a wallet and forget to bring the key is the most headache. Now, the keys and wallets can be retired.

Different from traditional door locks, smart door locks are first manifested in the unlocking mode. Most of the smart door locks on the market can automatically set a variety of unlock mode, in addition to the traditional key, you can also use the password, fingerprint, smart sensor, swipe card and other means to unlock. From then on, you can lose a bunch of heavy and afraid keys that will be lost.

After finishing the express delivery, buying the dishes, no need to open the door by hand

No need to use traditional keys, it is just a piece of cake for smart door locks, and smart door locks can actually solve many pain points in life. In this convenient era, taking express delivery has become a way of life.

When you come home with a large, small piece of courier, you have to put down the courier and take out the key to open the door. This is a disappointing thing. The smart door lock can perfectly eliminate this trouble. For example, the fingerprint lock can be unlocked only by tapping the fingerprint. There is also a more "lazy" unlocking method. Some smart door locks have their own sensing system, which can be set to bind the mobile phone. When the mobile phone is close, the door lock automatically opens. 5 seconds to 10 seconds after closing or closing the door, the door lock can be automatically locked to ensure safety.

For the same reason, for the housewife who needs to buy food every day, the sensing function of the smart door lock can also bring convenience. Even if the two hands are full of big fish, you can easily open the door without using a key.

Old people and children go home in time, remotely know

Another practical feature of smart door locks is remote control, especially for families with elderly and children. Most parents need to go to work, they can't bring their own children, they can only rely on the elderly or aunts. The installation of smart door locks allows parents to better grasp the child's whereabouts and reassure parents.

By opening the mobile app associated with the smart door lock, all open door records can be viewed on the app. If you use a fingerprint lock, different members have different fingerprints, you can know when the old man goes out and when he goes home anytime and anywhere; if the child goes home after school, etc. This information can help parents better understand the situation at home, and if there is an abnormality, they can find it in time. If the child does not return home on time, the parent can call the child after receiving the information to find out if there is an accident, even if there is a chance to act in time.

It is safe and convenient to rent a house, visit relatives and friends, and housekeeping services.

A large part of the smart door locks in the market are rented homeowners, and smart door locks can save a lot of money for the landlord.

The smart door lock can set the way the password is unlocked and the effective time of the exact password. For example, a short-rent house can be set up with a password on the phone and shared with the tenant. The password will take effect on the day of the rental, and the password will automatically expire on the day of check-out. In this way, when the lease is full, the old password will no longer open the door.

For the current short-term rental owners, there is no need to hand over the customer, provide the key, recycle the key, and all can be contacted by mobile phone. For ordinary rental housing, the owner can better manage his house, and the tenant does not need to worry about safety and needs to replace the lock.

When ordinary family and friends visit, if you haven't returned home yet, you can share a temporary password through your mobile phone. Friends and relatives can enter the house through this one-time password, and you don't have to try to get back to open the door. When using a housekeeping service, you can also share a one-time password that is only valid for the specified time period. This way, there is no need to give the aunt a spare key, nor is it afraid that strangers will enter the house when they do not know.

Abnormal situation at the door, timely alarm

For security reasons, the general smart door lock will have its own alarm system.

For example, if the door lock is opened in an abnormal manner, or the door lock password is input incorrectly, the smart door lock will "report" to the mobile phone for the first time. In this way, once an abnormal situation occurs at the door of the house, the owner can detect and promptly report the police in time. If the traditional key is unlocked, the thief can enter the family without knowing it when the owner slams during his work. With the smart door lock, the risk of the thief breaking into the door is very high, and this move can better protect the safety of the home.

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