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How to extend the service life of smart door locks?

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How to extend the service life of smart door locks?

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In recent years, sales of smart door locks have increased substantially in China. According to the "2017 China Smart Lock Application and Development White Paper" completed by Alibaba Cloud and the ICA Alliance for several months, the smart door lock exceeded 3.5 million sets in 2016, and the sales volume in 2017 exceeded 7 million sets, an increase of 100% year-on-year. Domestic sales of door locks will reach 32 million sets. It does not deny the advantages of smart door locks in terms of safety and convenience. However, many consumers complain that the quality of smart locks is not so good after using them for a period of time. The life expectancy of products seems to be shorter than that of merchants.

This is because smart door locks are also in need of maintenance. Smart door locks are a kind of durable consumer goods. Even the best smart locks still require essential maintenance measures during use. A mobile phone is properly maintained, and after one or two years of use, it is still bright and new, and its service life is extended. As a low-frequency demand product, smart door locks can extend the service life of 3-5 years if you pay attention to daily maintenance.

So how to properly maintain the smart lock? Here is a brief introduction to the correct smart lock maintenance method:

1. Check your own smart lock every six months or one year. Regularly check whether the smart door lock fixing screw, door lock handle and other key transmission parts are loose. If it is loose, it must be fastened so as not to affect the normal opening of the door lock.

2, the smart lock outside the lock surface can not be put on chemical corrosion items and liquids, do not paste things, so as not to damage the protective layer on the surface of the smart lock, not only affect the aesthetics, but also make the internal material easy to be oxidized and eroded.

3. The smart lock has been used for a long time, and the surface of the door lock should be kept clean and dry. If stains are present, wipe them with a soft, clean towel and paper towel. Do not wipe the door lock surface with hard or corrosive materials.

4. In daily use, the most used component in the switch door is the handle. The flexibility directly affects the use of the door lock, so please do not hang heavy objects on the handle to avoid breaking the balance of the handle.

5, the door lock low voltage alarm, you must immediately replace a new set of batteries. Smart door locks that are used in low-voltage environments for a long time are prone to system instability.

6. When purchasing the battery, you should choose a door lock battery with good quality and no leakage. Because the smart door lock needs to cope with the high temperature in summer, the cold winter, the rainy season and other complex environments, it is especially important that the battery quality is too good and does not leak. If the battery case (storage) has battery leakage, it may damage the internal structure and electronic components of the lock body. , causing the door lock to be completely damaged.

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