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The most extensive characteristics and scope of use of magnetic locks

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The most extensive characteristics and scope of use of magnetic locks

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The magnetic lock (or electromagnetic lock) is planned like the electromagnet. It uses the principle of electromagnetism. When the current passes through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock will produce a strong suction force and tightly attract the adsorption iron plate to achieve the function of locking the door. .

Only a small current electromagnetic lock will generate a great magnetic force. The control system of the electromagnetic lock power supply will recognize the correct power and then the power will be cut off. The electromagnetic lock will lose the electromagnetic suction and the door can be opened.

About Magnetic Lock - Free Rain - Electric Lock's blog about magnetic locks - Free Rain - Electric lock blog, electromagnetic locks have no complicated mechanical structure and the structure of the lock tongue, suitable for access control in escape doors or fire doors.

Magnetic lock product features: convenient installation, low noise, long life and strong suction. It is suitable for supporting the building intercom system, access control system, entrance and exit control system and security monitoring system of office buildings, units, factory buildings, intelligent communities, homes and new hotels.

Magnetic lock for door type: wooden door, glass door, iron door, fire door

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