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I want to change the lock cylinder, but I dont know what kind of lock cylinder is suitable? Please see here...

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I want to change the lock cylinder, but I dont know what kind of lock cylinder is suitable? Please see here...

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Nowadays, the security door has become the guardian of modern family security. The most important accessory of the security door is the lock core. The security door lock core is the heart of the security door. It has both anti-theft and safety performance. At present, there are many kinds of lock cylinders in the security door market, so what is the security lock cylinder? What brand of security door lock core is good? In addition, do you know how to change the security lock cylinder? The quality of the door lock is directly related to the safety of the family. If you are not sure if you can change it, I suggest you find a professional locksmith to change it.

What is the security door lock cylinder?

1. Anti-theft door lock core level: The anti-theft door lock core used in the market is basically divided into three levels, namely, A-class, B-class, super B-class (also known as C-class). According to the "National Machinery Lock Standard", the anti-theft door lock core has two levels, A and B. The super B level is an enhanced version B grade developed by the entrepreneur.

Class A lock: At present, the A-level anti-theft lock key on the market mainly has a word key and a cross key. The internal structure of the A-class lock cylinder is very simple, limited to the change of the marble, and the marble groove is small and shallow. The anti-technical opening time is extremely high within 1 minute. The marble structure is a single row of marbles or a cross lock.

Class B lock: Class B lock key is a flat key, with double row of marble slots. The difference with A lock is that there is a row of curved and irregular lines on the key surface. The main types of lock cylinders are 3 types, computer double-row lock core, double-row crescent lock core, double-sided vane lock core. The anti-technical opening time is 5 minutes, and the mutual opening rate is high. With a strong twist tool, the lock cylinder can be opened in 1 minute.

Super B-class lock (C-class): The key shape is a single-sided blade inner milling slot or an outer milling slot key. The lock cylinder type is a side cylinder lock cylinder; it can not be technically opened by the Ministry of Public Security for 270 minutes, and the regional mutual opening rate is zero ( One millionth of a million). The structure of the marble is locked by the double row of blades and the V-shaped side column; if the lock cylinder is opened by a strong twisting tool, the internal core of the lock cylinder is broken, and the self-explosion is locked, resulting in failure to open.

2. Identify the level of the anti-theft door lock core: The best way to lock the anti-theft lock level is to use the key to identify, you can easily understand the level of the anti-theft lock when you look at the key!

3. Anti-theft door lock core size selection: Before changing the lock core, we must first know what size specifications of the lock cylinder of our home, only the lock cylinder with the same size and specifications can be changed, so we have to remove the lock cylinder at home. size.

4. Identify the security door lock core is good or bad: the lock core of the security door can be identified by the number of marbles. In general, multiple rows of marble locks are better than single-row marble locks, and multiple rows of invisible The pin lock is better than the ordinary multi-row pin lock. The cost of the B-class lock is higher than that of the A-class lock. It can be seen that the super-B-class anti-theft door lock core is safer than the B-class anti-theft door lock core, and the B-class anti-theft door lock core is safer than the A-class, if you feel at home The anti-theft door lock is not safe, you can consider changing a B-level lock or a super-B lock with high anti-theft level.

Anti-theft door lock troubleshooting

1. The key is not flexible. The key is used for a long time. You can sprinkle some pencil powder/graphite in the keyhole and switch it a few times. Never add oil lubrication to the keyhole. This will affect the movement of the marbles and cause unexpected opening failures.

2. The anti-theft lock beam does not jump: the lock beam does not jump. The fault is mostly caused by the excessive tolerance of the lock beam. The scraping phenomenon occurs on one side of the lock beam and the lock beam hole, plus the corrosion and accumulation of dirt make the lock beam Can't jump. Remedy: Insert the key into the lock and turn it to the open position. Use a small hammer to gently tap down on the lock or pull the lock down firmly. If it doesn't move, you can add a little gasoline or diesel to the lock beam and tap it gently until the lock beam jumps out. After the lock beam jumps out, use the soft hammer to correct the lock beam and continue to use it after repair.

3. The key is broken into the lock body: the key breaks into the lock body and the fault occurs frequently. The method of elimination should be determined according to the break condition. (1) The key is broken into the lock body from the root and a section is left at the lock. It can be clipped with tweezers or with tools such as needle-nosed pliers. (2) The key is broken into the lock from the center and cannot be shaken. In this case, only the seven-hole seal on the lock body is removed. After the bullet is shaken out, the lock core and the broken key are taken out together, and then the lock core, the marbles, and the like are reloaded, and sealed with aluminum wire.

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