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How to install the lightning protection system of the magnetic lock access control system?

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How to install the lightning protection system of the magnetic lock access control system?

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The magnetic lock-up system has a highly stable and open hardware channel, supports various communication methods, and lays a solid foundation for the interconnection and system integration between devices. In addition, it has standardized and modularized components. To ensure that the cooperation before the system plays a lot of flexibility and scalability.

Be aware of some lightning protection when installing the device. Direct lightning strikes directly strikes lightning on the electric lock access control system. Lightning near the ground induces an opposite charge on the protruding object. When the electric field strength between the lightning and the ground protrusion reaches the same level as the air breakdown strength. A breakdown discharge occurs, and this direct lightning breakdown of the ground protrusion is called a direct lightning strike.

Tall buildings are generally vulnerable to direct lightning strikes, and some buildings are sometimes subjected to lightning strikes on the side of the building. Therefore, please be aware of these external environments when installing the device.

The magnetic lock is used for anti-theft, its function is good, and its performance is worthy of our possession.

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