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The latest anti-theft performance and technical features of the electronically controlled lock

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The latest anti-theft performance and technical features of the electronically controlled lock

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How should the installation of the electric lock be matched in the outdoor? Because the emergence of electronically controlled locks has made the society's anti-theft business easier, a good electronically controlled lock not only has remote command capabilities, but also has close-range anti-theft capabilities, combining the advantages of various products, especially the quality of electronically controlled locks. It has become huge, and the use of electronically controlled locks has made our lives beautiful and comfortable.

With high-quality, high-performance electric locks, we don't have to worry about the thief's coming night. We can sleep safely and let the electric locks serve our lives! The embodiment of security anti-theft will make us more love electric lock:

Unlocking voltage: 9-15V

Current: 1.5-3A

Sensitivity: 0.5S

Application method: Power on the door

Operating life: more than 300,000 times

The first cooperation: building intercom, remote control, code controller, and other long-distance equipment use, do not advocate to make it alone

product features:

First, the lock passed the approved products of the Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Safety and Security.

Second, the lock uses electronic control open, key rotation, remote control, induction card door control, manual unlock function, high anti-theft, high security and avoid indoor unlocking features.

Third, the lock is used for residential residences, shared gates, offices, campuses, hostels, hotel buildings, factory warehouses, etc., and can be used in conjunction with electronically controlled security doors.

Fourth, the use of high temperature resistant PVC plastic coils to ensure that the coil will not be burned out under long-term power.

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