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Why is it not appropriate to install an electric lock in the access control system?

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Why is it not appropriate to install an electric lock in the access control system?

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Do not advocate the use of electronic locks or electric locks in the access control

In the instant of the operation of the electric lock and the electric lock (electric lock), the inrush current is relatively large, even up to 3A. The peak multimeter is too late to measure, if the power supply of the access control system is not working (usually standard) The access control power supply is 12VDC, 3-5A). Such a power supply may not be able to withstand such sudden large current surges, forming a manipulator for a short period of time, lacking power or a large voltage instability, and then forming a central processing unit (CPU) to crash. (Micro-farming products have a maintenance mechanism for CPU crashes, but the crash caused by abnormal power, almost all products can not be fundamentally processed.) There are also chips that can form storage records and parameters (Flash) read and write is not normal, Form a system failure. (Similar to the U disk when reading and writing data, the power plugging, forming a U disk needs formatting).

The impact of such a large current does not necessarily cause damage to the system every time, but in the tens of thousands of impacts, it is possible to surpass the impact of the system maintenance circuit and the planning circuit.

Advantages of electric locks and electric locks:

The strengths of the electronic lock are:

Applicable to the cell unit door, the interlocking access door of the bank depository, the type of power-off closed, the external can be opened with a key, and when the internal power is cut off, the door can be opened by the mechanical button on the lock body.

The drawbacks of electronically controlled locks are:

The noise is very loud, and the time of unlocking is “squeaky”, although the improved mute lock is now available on the market. The large inrush current has a large negative effect on the system. Although there is a “motor lock” (the same shape) for manipulating the inrush current, the electronically controlled lock that is sold is basically a large noise and a large inrush current.

The advantages of the electric lock:

There is a type of power-off switch. When the power is off, the spherical mechanical lock can be unscrewed from the inside or the key can be opened to meet the fire protection requirements. cheap price.

Defects of the electric lock:

Since the inside is only composed of electromagnetic coils, the inrush current is large. Installed on the side of the door, if it is not a new door frame, it is difficult to make a dark line. The damage resistance can be poor, and one foot will open. |L3D*

If you must pick these locks, you should pay attention to the following:

1. External power supply method:

Plus a high-power power supply, power the lock alone. The original power supply powers the manipulator and card reader. Connect the GNDs of the two power supplies together.

2, super power supply method:

No need for original power. Purchase a high-power switching power supply, 12VDC 12-15A.

This will stabilize the system and reduce the impact on the system.

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