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Motor lock complete working process analysis

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Motor lock complete working process analysis

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How does the work of the motor lock work?

The computer software control circuit of the single chip computer actively detects the lock door condition and has an output signal;

The electric control, manual and key can be unlocked, and there is no bumping oscillation and sound when closing the door, and the lock is actively activated;

The transmission teeth of the lock head do not need to be shortened, and the knob is not required to be rotated when the cover is locked, and the device lock saves time and labor;

The fixing holes of the universal device of the left and right hand doors are exactly the same as the ordinary electric locks, and the promotion of the locks is simple and convenient;

The outer parts of the sports auxiliary parts are carburized and hardened, durable, and all metal layout, fireproof up to 4 hours;

The quality motor, the rotating shaft and the stator core are connected to ensure that they never slip and idling;

Patent product skills ancestors one step! The quality is more guaranteed!

After these main steps, the motor lock perfectly realizes the anti-theft and intelligent functions.

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