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How to find the cause when the magnetic lock has insufficient suction or no suction?

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How to find the cause when the magnetic lock has insufficient suction or no suction?

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Have a little suction or lack of suction

1. The magnetic lock does not have a standard device at the time of the device. The traction plate device of the magnetic lock is too tight, so that the magnetic lock body and the traction plate are not completely flushed with the face and the face, but some are somewhat attracted. This inevitably creates the appearance of a lack of suction. It is possible to loosen the traction plate and let the traction plate have a range of motion, so that the lock body and the traction plate can be completely sucked.

2. If the query is not the above question, then you can consider the question of the wire you selected. You can use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the magnetic lock power input (the magnetic lock is normally 12V). The farther the magnetic lock is spaced from the local area, the greater the pressure drop will occur. Lack of voltage will also result in a lack of magnetic lock suction, or no suction at the bottom. We need: the power supply to the magnetic lock is within 50 meters, and it is recommended to use a power cable with a cross-sectional area of 1.0 square millimeter; if it exceeds 50 meters, within 100 meters, the cross-sectional area of the power cable doubles (2.0 square millimeters), or two 1.0 square millimeters of power lines are connected in parallel.

No suction at all

1. First determine the power supply to the electric lock

There are no doubts. Please use a multimeter to measure, connect the terminal of the magnetic lock power cord, whether the input voltage is normal, under normal conditions, the voltage should be above 12V; if not, please look for the power supply.

2. If you pass the test above, there is no doubt about the power supply, then check if the magnetic lock power cord you selected meets the requirements (please refer to the above selection of power cord standards)

3. If there is no doubt in the last two steps, the power supply is normal, and the power cord is selected as standard; then, please use a multimeter to measure whether the input voltage of the magnetic lock can be normal; if the input voltage is 12V, then there are two conditions: 1. If the terminal block is not connected, please acknowledge it from the beginning and connect the wiring; 2. There is no doubt about the wiring. That is the magnetic lock has doubts, please return to the factory for repair.

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