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The damage of the motor lock must be carefully considered!

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The damage of the motor lock must be carefully considered!

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Analysis of various fault phenomena of the motor lock:

Information content operation parameter Operating voltage scale: DC9V-18V Specification voltage: DC12V Maximum current: 300mmA Standby current: 10mA Magnetic induction Maximum interval: 10mm Locking delay 0.5S, ** Delay 0.5S Trigger ** Signal required 1: Signal input Method: Trigger type (pulse and method)

2: Signal voltage: ≥DC5V3: Signal high level hold time, ≥10mS function characteristics 1: This product has power-on self-test function, which can actively correct the mistaken lock or error caused by power-off to power-on process. Action 1, after the power is off, if the door is in a closed state, power on, buzzer and then actively lock 2, after power off, if the door is in the open state, power on, buzzer and then actively lock 2: electrical signal When you leave the body, you will beep and take the initiative to lock.

After 3:**, it is promised that the door is always in the virtual cover state for 9S. If after 9S, the door has not been opened, the door is actively locked; if the door is opened in 9S, the delay is completed, and the door is closed from the beginning. Actively locked. (Note: ** At any time, depending on customer needs, 1S, 3S, 6S, 9S can be provided)

4: Support manual knob on /**, mechanical key /

5: Active treatment on / ** blocked condition: 1 resistance situation: the lock tongue is stretched by the resistance movement 3 times, if the resistance sweeps within 3 times, it is normally locked, if the resistance is not removed, after 3 times The upper half locks, but does not have to be used as normal. 2** When blocked, the lock tongue reciprocates 3 times, and the movement is 3 times. If the ** is unsuccessful, the lock is actively activated. After the fault is removed, the ** can be ** (If you want to open the door, please use the key ** and repair) .

6. Active disposition: The door is in the open condition. When the knob is used and the lock tongue is extended, the lock can be actively retracted to ensure that the lock tongue does not collide with the door frame when the door is closed.

7, fault alarm prompt function: If the internal light barrier does not work, the upper / ** process lock tongue will act 5 times, beep 5 times, and finally alarm 9S, 9S can be active / ** ( Does not affect the lock body condition).

8, lock status response output (can be added according to customer needs).

9, with upper / ** anti-jamming function. 10. This product can be used in conjunction with integrated access control.

If we encounter these problems during use, we should deal with them immediately.

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