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How can the magnetic lock be installed correctly?

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How can the magnetic lock be installed correctly?

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The magnetic lock produced by the principle of magnetic lock has the advantages of the traditional key lock, and is more and more safe and reliable. Then, how to properly install a magnetic lock? The device method of the magnetic lock will be specifically described below. Be prepared before the device. First, use a screwdriver to open the cover of the magnetic lock, and then use a wrench to open the side plate. Thus, the preparatory work completes the opening device. At this time, the device tray is used to mark the door and use The drill is punched, and the work that is carried out is complicated and important. First, the hexagonal screw is inserted into the iron plate, and the rubber washer is placed between the two metal washers, and then the hexagonal screw is placed.

After piercing the iron plate into the three holes on the door, together, prick the mushroom head from the other side of the door, use a hex wrench to lock the iron plate to the door, and then fix the side plate with two semi-circular head screws. On the door frame that was punched in front, this time must be paid attention to: Do not lock the side plate so that it can move back and forth to facilitate the correction of the azimuth, so that the iron plate and the side plate are fixed, and then the fixed After locking the main body, fix the lock main body and the side plate to lock the semi-circular head screws of the side plate, then lock all the countersunk screws, then remove the semi-circular head screws and drill holes in the proper direction for wiring.

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