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Motor lock adjustability and positioning bead principle

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Motor lock adjustability and positioning bead principle

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Motor lock

Lock status: Whether the lock status is one of the important parameters of the electric lock. Regarding the electric lock without the lock condition, the normal current is the same as the current when the bolt is actuated, the power consumption is large, the lock body temperature is high, and if the heat dissipation effect is poor in the device, the service life of the lock body can be shortened. The normal current of the electric plug lock with the lock condition is equivalent to less than half of the operating current, the power consumption is small, the lock body temperature is low, and the service life is long. Other lock conditions can be used as a basis for the controller to determine the door open timeout alarm.

The motor lock delay is adjustable: the so-called delay refers to the length of time from when the lock is opened, and the electric lock is locked again after the person enters the door. If the size exceeds the time, the door open timeout alarm signal will occur.

Motor lock bead: The positioning bead is a sliding bead that assists in positioning the door when the door is returned. The usual glass doors are conditioned springs to control the smoothness and accuracy of the door return position, while the wooden doors are manipulated by the door closer to control the door back, so the positioning of the beads is not very effective. Together, because the frictional noise generated by the positioning beads is also large, affecting the working environment of the work area.

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