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Introduction of the characteristics of magnetic lock and electric lock

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Introduction of the characteristics of magnetic lock and electric lock

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The intelligent swing door is mainly used in villas, yards, manors and other places. It is the first choice for everyone to purchase the swing door. What is the advantage of the Chengdu smart swing door?

Its primary watch is now highly intelligent, more human, and convenient, small, and easy to use. The use of stainless steel raw materials is more expensive, together with the inward or outward opening, can also complete single and double opening; can also choose different sizes of door machines according to their size; in the application is also convenient, can be Solar control system is deployed without the need for redundant wiring.

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Introduction of electric mortise lock and magnetic lock

The use of automatic doors is now more and more extensive, and the locking function of automatic doors is basically completed by these methods: electric plug lock, magnetic lock, motor self-locking and so on. Let's take a look at the introduction of Sichuan automatic door locks and magnetic locks.

Top of the list, magnetic lock: The same basis as the electric mortise lock is not for the automatic door to distinguish between dedicated and non-dedicated. The only way to lock the door is to lock the door by a magnetic lock. The strength of the magnetic lock is that the door is tightly locked, there is no active space, and the problem of the child pushing and pulling the door body is avoided. The defect is that the door beyond the bearing capacity can be swinged.

Second, electric plug lock: The earliest automatic doors are mostly completed with electric plug locks. There are two kinds of special and non-dedicated on the mall. The special electric plug lock is an electric lock specially designed for the characteristics of the automatic door. It was imported from Taiwan at the earliest. This type of lock can be used for automatic doors of various brands.

Working principle:

The sensor or the access control machine (such as the self-service bank card machine) sends a signal to the electric lock. After receiving the signal, the electric lock first unlocks and then sends a signal to the automatic door to open the door. Since the lock is first unlocked and then sent to the door operator by the lock control unit to complete the door opening, the collision lock phenomenon formed by the door opening and the lock not jumping is avoided. And the lock's control unit has a delay output to open the door signal function, so it is called a special electric lock.

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