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Basic knowledge and purchase details of electric lock

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Basic knowledge and purchase details of electric lock

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Electric lock device accessories

In most situations, it is necessary to select some accessories for the electronically controlled locking device. The user should clearly describe the detailed door condition and device requirements when selecting the electronically controlled lock. The accessories that can be used in several types of electric lock devices are described in detail below.

Lower door clamps for electric plugs: When the glass door has no frame, it is necessary to use the lower door clamp. The lower door clamps are usually made of aluminum alloy and are directly clamped to the door glass.

Upper and lower door clamps matched with electric mortise locks: When the glass door body is topless and has no border glass, it is necessary to select the upper and lower door clamps. Because the upper door clamp needs to wrap the electric plug lock body on the glass, the quality of the upper door clamp is very good, and the volume is large, and stainless steel data is usually used. It is necessary to match the upper door clamp together with the lower door clamp, which is different from the lower door clamp selected by itself. The upper and lower door clamps are more expensive.

L-brackets for magnetic locks: L-brackets are often required when the iron gate is open. Most of the brackets are made of aluminum alloy.

U-shaped bracket matched with magnetic lock: When the glass door has no frame, it is necessary to use U-shaped bracket. Most of the brackets are made of aluminum alloy.

Anode lock body matched with the cathode lock: This lock body is usually a mechanical anti-theft lock, and the lock tongue requirement cannot be a square tongue.

The purchase of electric control locks is still imported.

Imported electric locks are too expensive, the purchase price should be close to a thousand, and there are no more than a thousand pieces sold to users. It is impossible to get down. Although the real imported electric locks are skillful and sophisticated, the repair rate of goods is low, but the service is low. It is still a question. Once there is a doubt, foreigners can't move and say that China's power is unstable and many other reasons are very troublesome. I advocate that I still buy domestic locks, the price is much more affordable, and most of them are produced in Taiwan or may be integrated into Taiwan's production technology (Taiwan is the primary OEM base for foreign electric locks) and quality standards, and the difference is not much worse.

Type of electric lock selection

To match a kind of lock, you have to see what you are? Double-open (can be opened inside or outside) glass door is the best electric plug lock, the company's internal single open (can only open inside or may only open) wooden door is best to use magnetic lock, magnetic lock is also called electromagnetic lock. The magnetic lock body is installed in the upper part of the door frame. Some people think that it is not a hiding device. It is not beautiful. In fact, it is used in foreign countries. The use of foreign magnetic locks is more than that of electric plug locks. The stability of magnetic locks is also higher than that of electric locks, but the safety of electric locks is high. The electric lock is used in cooperation with mechanical locks such as the door side and the ball lock. The safety is much lower, and the wiring is inconvenient, but the price is cheaper and it is not recommended. The best use of the community is the acquisition of magnetic locks and electronically controlled locks. The electronically controlled locks are louder than usual. Usually, the building intercom is equipped with electronically controlled locks. Now there is also a silent electric lock that can think. However, regardless of the use of shackles, pay attention to rain protection. The locks are made of iron and are simply rusted. This should be noted. There is a power-off lock on the market road. This kind of lock can satisfy the customer's need to close the door after the power failure. However, it does not meet the fire protection requirements. It can pass the inspection, and it has a demand for the thickness of the door frame. There are unexpected troubles, so it is still less recommended to customers.

Electric control lock purchase knowledge

First of all, the lock surface should have a metallic luster, and there must be no significant scratches. The standby current is about 300 mA, and the operating current is lower than 900 mA. After a long period of power-up, the appearance is slightly hot, but not too difficult. The force of the electric mortise lock should be sufficient. After the pressure is pressed, the lock can be actively bounced and powerful. It is best to perform 4,000 times of continuity test. If it is, the lock is weak during the process, and the bounce may not be in place, perhaps If you don't get up, it is considered unqualified Some engineering consultants ask: Is it still a multi-wire electric plug lock for the purchase of two wires? It is like this. The multi-wire electric plug lock is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. The operating current of the electric lock is intelligently controlled by the single-chip microcomputer, and the lock body is not It will be too hot, and has a delay control function and a magnetic door detection function; the delay control function can be used to the use of a spring that is not good, and the magnetic monitoring function can provide a real-time monitoring function for the door opening and closing condition of the controller. Although these functions may not be used, the level of quality and stability of the electric locks operated by the single-chip microcomputer and the electric locks without the single-chip microcomputer control are not at one level. Therefore, you do not need to save a little money, the two-wire electric plug lock, the internal structure is very simple, only one current drives the organization of the electromagnetic coil, the operating current is large, the heat is so severe that it will damage the electric lock at regular intervals.

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